Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is my data with samBOT?

Your data and privacy cocerns are important to us. samBOT is an AI layer that works within your browser, which means your video feed isn't sent over or even stored on our servers, ever.

What are the minimum system requirements to run samBOT?

samBOT is a web-based plug-in and is currently compatible with all the major browsers like Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc.

What is hybrid video processing and how does it affect samBOT?

samBOT combines the accuracy of server-side processing with the added benefit of data security at edge-based deployment. This is a unique approach to deliver the highly efficient real-time insights with minimum latency.

How scalable is samBOT?

samBOT is designed to scale horizontally. In the modern world of cloud infrastructure it can scale to conduct and delivers millions of sessions running simultaneously.

What are the SLAs around samBOT?

We are committed to provide an SLA of 99.9% uptime for samBOT.