Meet samCLASS!

The easiest way to create your own branded online classrooms.



Interactive whiteboarding

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PDF slide-share with annotations

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YouTube videos playback

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Automated attendance


Session recordings and playback

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Global chat room and hand-raise


For everyone. Everywhere

Our servers are deployed in multiple data-centres across the world to provide low latency connectivity to any city on the planet. The solution comprises of edge servers in 96 cities globally, as well as adaptive streaming software that works on low bandwidth internet connections as well.

With no configuration overhead, educators can bring their classroom into a cutting-edge technology era.


AI features (coming soon)

samBOT utilises the video feeds in a classroom to function as an assistant to the educator. It constantly looks out for students who are distracted and alert the educator to bring their focus back in class.
samBOT takes away the time and attention-heavy task of managing a classroom, allowing the educator to focus on what they do best, - TEACH.


YOUR classroom, YOUR brand

Connect your own domain to the web application hosted on our servers to provide a personalised experience to your ​customers.

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Same-day integration with your existing dashboard via JWT to retain user logins and other activities on your dashboard only.

samCLASS has a pre-built dashboard if you don't have one - FREE OF COST!

samCLASS saves all the classes by default for your future references. .

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