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smart educators

samBOT is a delightfully simple AI that helps your educators with real-time insights on their online classes


Automated proctoring with real-time alerts & triggers

Local processing of video feed to avoid privacy concerns

State-of-the-art AI moulded and trained for ed-tech

Plug-n-play integration with horizontal scalability

Hybrid AI models for best accuracy and minimum latency

Integrates with your reporting dashboard.


Understanding the
Educator's dilemma

The online transformation of conventional classrooms has brought out stark digital gaps in how education is imparted via online platforms. 
Feedback from educators and parents alike have indicated the difficulties in capturing the levels of class focus, attendance, etc.
This has caused a decline in student-educator engagement and ultimately drop-outs due to poor outcomes.

Introducing, samBOT

samBOT utilises the video feeds in a classroom to function as an assistant to the educator. It is constantly looking out for students who are distracted and alerts the educator to bring their focus back in class.
samBOT takes away the time and resource heavy task of managing a classroom, allowing the educator to focus on what they do best, - TEACH.


The technology behind samBOT

SAMbot is a JavaScript plugin that consumes video feed on the edge from html video tag.

Next, it continuously looks for a human face in the video to extract various ML-based signals like head movements, emotional expressions and tab movements via proprietary algorithms.

These signals mapped with multivariate time series are then classified into different attention states of the human.

Consequently, the educator is shown real-time alerts with a probability score if a student loses focus or is distracted.

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